A bit about me

Homesteader | Linux system admin | Website developer | Autodidact | Wanderer

Hello, My name is David Mangiaracino. Most of my online friends call me Perpend. Welcome, to my site! Perpend is my favorite word. Perpend is defined as:

                     - perpend: per·​pend | pər-ˈpend
                       1. transitive verb
                        - To reflect on carefully : ponder
                        - To weight carefully in the mind.
                       2. intransitive verb
                        - To be attentive : reflect

To develop useful strategies you have to listen attentively to the clients needs. Then weigh and reflect on the potential solutions.

Perpend Strategies specializes in researching the options and designing a strategy that will work for you. Not everyone works the same way. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work in your situation. Many people get overwhelmed trying to evaluate and understand the offered solutions. They pick a solution and then bend themselves to the tool. Leave the research to someone that likes to dig in and understand jargon.

I have spent a lot of time learning to read documentation in the process of teaching myself Linux administration. Put that skill and determination to work for you. Email me today!